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Tallahassee is not just the capital of Florida. Among other things it is a city enriched with deep rooted history and graced with the presence of distinguished historical figures. Being the center of great political power in Florida, Tallahassee has felt the influence of such great leaders in American history as George Washington, Marquis de Lafayette, and Prince Murat.

George Washington and Marquis de Lafayette’s Influences in Tallahassee
Both George Washington and Marquis de Lafayette were real life American heros from the Revolutionary War. Lafayette was a Frenchman who supported the Americans in the Revolutionary war and fought valiantly along side various Americans under the guidance of George Washington (General Washington at that time). Lafayette’s effort in the Revolutionary war earned him a monetary grant and a township of land, which was awarded to him by the U.S. Congress. Having served along side Lafayette, George Washington greatly approved of the rewards given to Marquis de Lafayette. The land that Lafayette was so graciously bestowed with by Congress was located in the north-east corner of Tallahassee and covered an area of thirty-six square miles. However, despite being grateful for the township, Lafayette never stepped foot in Tallahassee. He did however, send people of his acquaintance down to Tallahassee to work and live off of his land. Despite the fact that both George Washington and Marquis de Lafayette never physically visited Tallahassee, they both still had a profound influence on the city. Numerous descendants of both of these prominent figures in U.S. history still live in Tallahassee today. In fact, the descendants of George Washington (non-direct), John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson (the first three presidents of the U.S.), still currently reside in Florida’s capital city. Washington and Lafayette’s mark and presence within the city of Tallahassee is permanently affixed to various buildings, parks, streets, museums, and numerous other locations and items of importance.

Prince Murat
Prince Achille Murat was the nephew of the famous military leader and ruler of France Napoleon Bonaparte. Prince Murat lost his claim to the throne of France when his father was coerced into relinquishing his reign as king and then shot. Seeking refuge, Prince Murat ended up in Tallahassee after a good bout of exploration and wandering the world. Upon his arrival in his new home town, Murat traded in his title of prince for the status of Colonel. Colonel Murat then studied law and became a lawyer in Tallahassee. However, his true passion lied with tending to his gardens at his plantation.
Murat was a good farmer and a well-liked man in Tallahassee despite a few eccentricities. He worked hard and was known to be a very cheerful man. He was even able to win the heart of George Washington’s great-grand niece. Being a very active member of society in the city of Tallahassee, Murat was another historical figure that left a great impact on the state capital. In Tallahassee today, you can visit Prince Murat’s tomb, and find various sources of information that disclose tidbits of his life and the legacy that he left behind in Florida. It's a lot more than just The Prince Murat Hotel.

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