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Posted: Fri Aug 12, 2005 2:08 pm Post subject: Toning the abdomen after pregnancy--getting in shape


After two pregnencies, my tummy has become very loose
and lost the shape. I have been exercising for last one year,
especially stomach (crunches) and abdominal exercises.
I could lose the weight but have harder time achieving positive result
with abdomen. Could you please suggest any special exercise or diet for
the same.Also how long it takes for the average women to achieve a toned tummy.

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Dr Gadre

Posted: Mon Aug 15, 2005 1:46 am Post subject: Exercises to strengthen abdominal muscles after pregnant


Dear B.K.

After delivery, two factors are responsible for bulging and /or loose tummy:

1 -- As the baby and the uterus grow full term, the abdominal muscles get distended and get loosened up. After delivery their tone remains lax unless one really tries and works hard to get the tone back. After normal delivery one can start the exercises within fifteen days and after the caesarian section one shall start them after three months
And do not forget your back. The ligaments of back muscles do get loosened up too. One has to do back exercises or else the back pain ensues later.

A -- Abdominal push-ups can improve the tone within four to six months. Lie prone on your tummy on the floor straight. Keep hands at side. Do not move hands. Hold your feet under some bar and lift your head and chest from lying position.
Sit first and continue to bend. Ideally one shall touch the forehead to one’s knees. Come back to lying position and do the same again. Do not move the hands at any time.

B – Lie straight and put hand at side. Raise your feet at 45 degrees. Keep them straight in that position and don’t bend them in knees. Count say 50 or up to the point of your tolerance. Take the legs down. Repeat the action. Do these exercises in the morning and in the evening.

These two exercises do a lot to tone abdominal muscles and the back muscles.

2 – the fat too gets collected around the waist and over the tummy. For that one must take an advise of a dietitian. If on your own you are not achieving the desired result with these exercises I would rather suggest help from trained physiotherapist or a trained coach in a gymnasium. Surely you will get the tummy back to its shape.

There are no drugs to reduce the fat or to improve the tone.
Best wishes,
Dr Arun Gadre

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Dr Arun

Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2005 6:40 pm Post subject: lie supine on your back


in above article, for abdominal pushups it should say:
"Lie straight and supine on your back on the floor"

I used the word 'Prone' by mistake instead of the word 'supine'
I hope it clears the matter.
Dr Arun

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