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Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2005 1:13 am Post subject: Silent Birth and more ideas from Hollywood Scientologists


The latest from the Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes saga has them planning what is being called "Silent Birth". Silent Birth is one where the woman is not allowed to take any pain medications (i assume they are not allowed an epidural, also). That by itself is interesting, but even more so is the fact that they cannot "speak" or cry out.

Supposedly, the fetus, about to be born can "sense" these unhappy painful cries and it can make him have "issues" when he gets older.

Silent Birth. Hmmm.

Kelly Preston is quoted as saying that she wanted an epidural but didnt get one. reason? she admits she broke the silent birth rule in that she GROANED. Post birth, she was given absolution of this act by her fellow scientologists who said, it was OK because she only groaned and didnt SPEAK.

In today's world, can a woman deliver a baby without a single pain medication and not make a peep? Anything is possible. For thousands of years, women delivered babies, outside, next to a tree or a rock in the cold air. No morphine, no i.v., no fruit juice or soothing music. Yes, for thousands of years, they had their teeth yanked out without novocaine, too. The real question is: Why would anyone want to?!

Suggestion. Would you like to have a quiet delivery where no one has to cry out in pain? A delivery where no intraveneous narcotics or painkillers are usually given?

Get an epidural.

A good many of these patients, have excellent painfree (or minimal pain) deliveries. The amount of medication in the epidural space is at a very low dose and does not get absorbed in significant amounts into the bloodstream.


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Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2005 3:23 pm Post subject: silent birth


epidural is a saving grace. i wouldn't have a child without it. (have three already and used it every time.) in my opinion, a quieter more calm birth would be done with the epidural. anyone who has seen a woman delievering without an epidural and then sees them get an epidural sees the difference in the mothers whole disposition with the releif from the pain.

to me, better to give birth calm than all tense from natural birth.

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