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Posted: Sat Oct 08, 2005 8:43 pm Post subject: miscarriage


How soon after a miscarriage can you start having intercourse and how soon after can you start to try and conceive. I would thing after one full cycle for cocieving (expecially if trying for a girl right)?

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Posted: Mon Oct 10, 2005 3:58 am Post subject:


Hi coocs

I also wrote message called Vinegar Douching...thanks for your best wishes.
I have also have had a couple of miscarriages (that I know of...probably more), between my boys. After the 1st, which was quite advanced - 12 weeks, my doctor told me to wait for a few months to give my body a break, time to right itself. I had to have a D&C because of the late term. I was also quite emotional about it all and did not want to rush back in. I did not want to seem like I was trying to replace my lost child. I felt like I needed a respectable mourning period. Hence, we didn't try again for about 12 months. Unfortunately, we lost that one too, at 7 weeks. We just allowed my natural cycle to do its job with this one, which was a bit spooky (knowing I was still carrying the child for weeks after), but easier on my body. That time I was better prepared emotionally, and we decided to let God decide what was best for us. We weren't trying and we weren't not trying either. But 2 weeks after my body passed the miscarriage, I was pregnant. The result...my precious little boy, my youngest - 23 months.

So as far as your body goes, I think it can go anyway. I don't think their is a right and wrong time. It's far more important to be fit and healthy, and relaxed...and have fun!

With gender selection, though, it's a bit more complicated. Pregnancies reek havoc on your hormones at the best of times. And since girls are a bit tricky, I think you might need to track your cycle for a few months just to make sure things have settled down. Otherwise you may end up with another boy. But it all depends on how much you’re prepared to risk the boy factor.

With me, I would love to have a girl, but if I'm meant to have all boys, then I'm cool with that too. Plus I've always wanted a larger than average family. If I don't get a girl this time, I'll probably try again at least once more. My concern is my age is creeping up on me. I don't want to be still having babies when I'm 40, I'm 34 now, and I don't like bubs real close! So, it depends on where you’re at.

I want to get pregnant quickly again. And since I might be prepared to try again, I'm gonna push my luck and try to conceive about 36 hrs before ovulation. Since it is a bit of guess work when talking hours, I may end up with another boy. We have tried 2 days before OV several times before, and not conceived. A day before OV, and we get boys, so it's very fine. And the guess work makes it even harder. I feel my Ov, which helps to map the cycle, which is fairly regular, give or take 12hrs each month. But it doesn't help with planning conception, as Ov relates to your next period, not the last one. So we are just gonna give it a go, and be happy with whatever God blesses us with.

I hope this has been helpful.

Regards Mel

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