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Posted: Wed Mar 16, 2005 4:32 am Post subject: How to Get Pregnant Fast


Hi. I enjoyed your web site. Can you tell me,what is the fastest way to get pregnant and get pregnant with a boy?

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Posted: Wed Mar 16, 2005 4:37 am Post subject: Get Pregnant Fast and How to have a boy


thank you for your kind words,

if both partners are fertile, getting pregnant fast is not difficult--a column i wrote earlier in the year covers the details, of which ive clipped and pasted below:

-------Failure to conceive is one of the more common problems in today’s world of double incomes, high-stress busy lives and delayed family planning.

The incidence of conception in any one month, assuming average sexual relations, is about 10%. Therefore, a couple should be pregnant within a 10 to 12 month period. A couple having unprotected sex for one year and has not conceived should be seen by their Ob/Gyn for fertility evaluation. There are numerous causes of infertility in both the male and female.

That said, there are some techniques you can do to increase you chances of getting pregnant.

To get pregnant fast, start with a determination of the ovulation date (OD). Your doctor’s office will help with this or you might obtain an ovulation calendar at your local pharmacy. Have frequent sex, at least daily for three days, beginning on the morning of your predicted OD. The male is to maximize sperm count with the following program. 1. Abstain from sex three days before OD. 2. Stay out of hot tubs and baths the week before OD and the week after. 3. Enjoy long period of foreplay and sexual excitement prior to sex. 4. Caffeinated beverages two hours prior to sex can help increase sperm counts. 5. Rear-entry style position may maximize sperm deposition. The female should remain supine for 30 minutes to optimize sperm retention.

In the big picture, lower stress, a healthy diet, the avoidance of alcohol and a minimized exercise program during this time will all work in your favor to get pregnant. It should also be noted that fall and winter are the highest conceptions months.

This information on how to "get pregnant quick" is not meant to be all-inclusive but simply a guide for couples. Several books discuss methods to increase your chances of getting pregnant, including our own: “Baby Girl or Baby Boy-Choose the Sex of Your Child, 2nd ed”. A final thought-- many couples get pregnant right after they stop trying so hard.

Ask Dr Moore Archives: www.washingtonpublishers.com/AskDrMoore/index.htm

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Posted: Wed Mar 16, 2005 4:40 am Post subject: How to have a boy


very similar instructions as the "get pregnant fast"

there are vaginal ph environmental issues--can be modified with douche, and dietary issues also,

to do properly, you need a manual so it can all be followed carefully to the detail, (you may not get a second chance) or repeated monthly should the need arise.

best regards,

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