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Posted: Fri Feb 18, 2005 4:21 pm Post subject: Herb medicine and pregnancy


Hello How are you? today I saw your beautiful program how to get pregnant fast and I want to get pregnant but i still I cannot be pregnant and i would love to know with all my heart what kind of herb or medicine coul i be pregnant Im 33 years old my husband is 44 years old I think both we have a problem of conceive a baby what kind of positions we could have to have a baby im a little desesperate because i want to get pregnant i would love you would tell me some advices how to get pregnant i went witth my doctor and my doctor told me im perfect to get pregnant but my husband he still he does not go with the doctor to check him or what kind of advices you could tell him i would be very thankful with you god bless you and happy st valentines day with all my heart sincerely yours elizabeth


Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2005 5:19 pm Post subject: how to get pregnant fast


getting pregnant fast--not an uncommon request, and a topic that you can see in the august 6 column

if you are both healthy and able to conceive, what are some of the highlights for an optimal conception environment? start with a healthy diet, emphasizing protein and minimizing sugar, caffeine and heavily processed foods. take a prenatal vitamin with folate. calculate your ovulation date and time sex close to that time period. the simplest way to estimate your ovulation date is to subtract 14 days from the length of your cycle (example, 28 day cycle ovulation date is day 14; 30 day cycle the ovulation date is day 16).

what about medicines and herbs that may make it more likely to get pregnant and conceive? while i do not recommend taking medications or herbs specifically to become pregnant, guaifenesin, an over-the-counter cough medicine/expectorant acts to thin body secretions, and may do the same for the cervical mucus. this thinner cervical mucus may make it easier for sperm to travel to and fertilize the egg.

herbal medicines are an area that is under-regulated and i do not recommend using them to become pregnant, although there are some herbs such as black cohash and chasteberry which are said to promote fertility.

as the average couple has about a 10% chance to conceive each month, after a year of trying, both partners should consider a medical evaluation for fertility if they have not become pregnant.

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