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Posted: Wed Apr 20, 2005 7:49 pm Post subject: Has anyone tried other companies?


I was looking into the different gender selection methods and there are some other books my husband and I are considering.

Has anyone tried any other methods?

We have also looked into the gender selection kits but it is really high.

Any thoughts?

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Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2005 3:45 am Post subject: thoughts on gender selection and comparison


for jessietobe,

there is a gang of products out there, and sometimes its difficult to know what to trust. our book "baby girl or baby boy", at www.washingtonpublishers.com , was written for just that reason, to give our patients a resource that is affordable (8.94 on amazon) , easy to read and understand. it is written by a pediatric/obstetric anesthesiologist and a pediatric nurse.
currently, it is entering the third printing with tens of thousands of copies sold in the u.s., canada and around the globe.

on your other websites:
fortunebaby.com--unsubstantiated medically
4-gender-selection: based on shettles type method, expensive $37.00, what is authors credentials, and what type of doctor are they? be cautious of ebook downloads
stork select.com: also based on shettles type, expensive cost, no authors listed , again, be cautious of ebook downloads
genselect.com : likely based on shettles type, very very expensive (over $200 !), again, who are authors and what are credentials.

hope this helps,

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