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Washington Publishers specializes in publishing the latest in popular medical subjects written for the general public. Health is one of the most important influence in ours and our families lives. We believe that healthcare and medical topics need not be so complicated or mystifying and we will do our best to help readers obtain the information they seek in a format to which they can relate. The publisher will give consideration to well-written manuscripts in other non-health related fields and children's books.

Washington Publishers believes in the community and encouraging better health. Our columnists field questions from, not just the United States, but from all parts of the world! We welcome physicians and other health care providers to join us in this mission.

Washington Publishers wishes to support authors--young and old, new or experienced--in their quest to achieve their goal of publishing their work. If you are an author and have a manuscript that you would like us to review, see our Author's Manuscript Submission page and then send a query letter to the address listed.

We welcome inquiries on our titles from interested distributors and other publishers.


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